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Do you experience difficulties while writing your thesis or research proposal? Do you have a resit or do you want to finish your thesis with a high grade? Afstudeerwijzer can help you. We offer professional thesis guidance for HBO and WO students who follow a business study or related study such as: business administration, economics, finance, marketing, management and organisation, etc.


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Thesis guider

Thesis guidance business studies

Thesis guidance

Scriptiebegeleiding business studies

Afstudeerwijzer biedt jou persoonlijke begeleiding waarbij de nadruk ligt op overzicht en structuur. Hierdoor kun je stapsgewijs en met vertrouwen aan je scriptie werken. Door mijn achtergrond en ervaring doorzie ik snel complexe vraagstukken waardoor ik snel je vragen kan beantwoorden en je kan adviseren. Ik geef begeleiding voor Wo en Mba scripties en voor Hbo scripties.


Met veel enthousiasme heb ik meer dan 150 studenten scriptiebegeleiding gegeven die een business studie volgden. Ik heb zelf een bachelor en masteropleiding behaald in bedrijfskunde. Mijn master heb ik cum laude afgerond aan TIAS business school. Daarnaast heb ik praktijkervaring in de financiële sector en consultancy bij o.a. ABN AMRO en EY. Met deze kennis en ervaring bied ik jou inhoudelijke en concrete scriptiebegeleiding. 


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Graduate quickly and successfully

Afstudeerwijzer provides you personal guidance. We help you with the structure of your thesis and to keep track of your thesis project. This allows you to work on your thesis step by step with confidence. Thanks to my background and experience, I quickly see through complex issues so that I can quickly answer your questions and advise you.

I provide guidance online (via skype, by telephone and via e-mail) or on location in The Hague.

​Thesis guidance

With great enthusiasm I tutored more than 150 students who followed a business study. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in business administration. I graduated cum laude at TIAS business school. Furthermore, I have work experience in the financial sector and consultancy at, among other companies, ABN AMRO and EY. With this knowledge and experience I offer you concrete thesis guidance.

I would like to help you with your thesis, feel free to contact me without obligation.


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Together we increase your knowledge and skills


We focus on your growth and development


Successfully complete your thesis and graduate


Samen jouw kennis en vaardigheden vergroten


Jouw groei en ontwikkeling staat centraal


Succesvol je scriptie behalen en afstuderen


Grow to graduate successfully

Afstudeerwijzer offers thesis guidance to business students within the Dutch higher education sector.  Our mission is to develop students' research skills. This allows you to successfully complete your thesis and take these valuable skills with you in your future career.

Business students

The thesis supervision we offer focuses specifically on students who follow an HBO, WO or MBA business study. Business studies are: business administration, economics, finance, marketing, management and organization, etc. You can find a complete overview of the studies here.

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Denise has helped me very pleasantly. She is to the point, committed and knowledgeable. This makes her accessible and persistence in her guidance. She is proficient in many fields and that makes it easy to move through the subjects. She quickly sees what kind of guidance is needed or what is wrong with the thesis. She stands definitely above the subject matter, understands your frustration and the time pressure!


Hbo Master  Student management & innovatie


Graduated 2019


 I came in contact with Denise when my thesis was almost finished. I struggled to take the final step in the results analysis and the completion of my thesis project. Denise helped me to structure my thoughts and thesis and regain my self-confidence. I was amazed by how easily she picks up the information and concepts and sees what needs to be done. For both the research and me as a person. I am very happy that Denise has crossed my path and I recommend her to everyone who is stuck in writing the thesis.


Wo Master Student Business process management & IT


Graduated 2019


 I made contact with Denise halfway through my overly complicated thesis and I was impressed by how quickly she understood the concept. It was clear that she was well prepared before each of our meetings and her contribution and feedback was immensely beneficial. This was a very stressful period of time and overwhelming for me, but after each meeting with Denise I felt calm and in control of my project.


Wo Master Student Business Analytics

Graduated 2018


In a very professional manner, Denise answered my questions and guided me. She has been very patient and very accommodating and involved in the process of my resit. I noticed that Denise has a lot of experience in supervising students and knows well to what points teachers pay attention to when evaluating the thesis. I learned a lot from the Skype sessions and it was more than worth the money. 


Hbo Student Facility 


Graduated 2018


 Denise has advised me very well by how to complete my thesis. She offered help by structuring my thesis and she helped me to plan the research. She was a valuable thesis tutor for me. The way of coaching is super nice, Denise has a lot of patience and is flexible in coaching.


Hbo Student Human Resource Management 

Graduated 2018

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